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December 15, 2019

What is going best in your business? When I ask executives this question, more often than not, they stammer and say something like, “Hmm…that’s a really good question, uhm, er, hmmm… I think it’s…”

Conversely, the floodgates open when I ask, “What is not going well in your business right now?” Almost everyone has immediate, lengthy and seemingly definitive answers to this question.

Now you and I both know there are things going...

December 6, 2019

We wait backstage in anticipation. A band of improvisers. House lights fade and the music begins to swell. The electricity builds. It’s show time! Today's blog is about how improv acting techniques and concepts can improve many facets of your professional life and help you achieve success in your career. I will focus on connecting with others through active listening so our communication feels more collaborative and less...

I was six months into my new business development role and just wrapped up a call with a large prospect. They gave me the verbal for a huge project, and I was on cloud nine. Before I even sent a recap email, I was daydreaming of what this meant for me. This deal alone would allow me to hit my annual quota, be the lead sales rep for my team (in my first year) and put me in a great place financially. I wouldn’t have to check my...

15 minutes can save you more than 15% on your car insurance.

Fifteen minutes can mean the difference in saving your top salesperson, recruiter or employee.

As a leader (manager) one of the greatest things you can learn is to effectively use 15 minutes of your time. It is one of the things that separates the weak leader from the strong leader. When weaker leaders find fifteen minutes, they focus on themselves. The great leaders u...

Recently, I was discussing the Net Promoter Score® Survey with a friend. They were familiar with the survey and had participated in several over the years but had not taken the time to understand how the score is calculated and the way the results are used.

I went on to share a few details and because I’m a marketing creative, I prefer a quick explainer video about NPS® over more text. View by selecting the graphic below:


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