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15 minutes can save you more than 15% on your car insurance.

Fifteen minutes can mean the difference in saving your top salesperson, recruiter or employee.

As a leader (manager) one of the greatest things you can learn is to effectively use 15 minutes of your time. It is one of the things that separates the weak leader from the strong leader. When weaker leaders find fifteen minutes, they focus on themselves. The great leaders u...

Recently, I was discussing the Net Promoter Score® Survey with a friend. They were familiar with the survey and had participated in several over the years but had not taken the time to understand how the score is calculated and the way the results are used.

I went on to share a few details and because I’m a marketing creative, I prefer a quick explainer video about NPS® over more text. View by selecting the graphic below:


It's 4:45 Friday afternoon and I received a call from my Business Development Rep. He had a great day and a hugely successful week! He exceeded his average connect %, scheduled more prospect meetings than average, gained a verbal agreement from a long-time prospect and strengthened a current relationship by offering a solution sure to help their team grow. I could hear the pride in his voice, and I felt the same amount of (or...

My 4-year-old niece FaceTimed me the other day.

It wasn’t by accident or with someone else holding the phone. She has learned how to unlock my sister’s phone, find my name in the contacts list and FaceTime me. Countless times throughout the week, I will see my sister’s name pop up on my phone, and sure enough – my niece, Lillian, will be on the other end. I enjoy her newly acquired skill, but she really needs to work on holding...

October 19, 2019

If you feel unhappy with your results, you have only to look in the mirror to stare the culprit straight in the eye.

If you have experienced a Butler Street training or have followed our blog for any length of time, you are familiar with the above saying. It reflects the very essence of the second of our Four Cornerstones of Success® – Personal Accountability. (See Related Blog: We Are All CEOs Of Our Own Life and Work) We talk...

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