Our recommended approach is to begin with a thorough diagnostic review and analysis of your organizational capabilities. We rapidly assess and benchmark your processes, tools, technology, metrics and skills for attracting, retaining and cultivating the two most important assets of your business: Talent & Clients.




Every business success and failure can be traced back to these two groups.  Unlocking the key to success resolves around engaged employees and loyal clients.  Butler Street will build a roadmap that will best utilize your resources to focus on the development of your client and talent assets.


Acquire, Retain and Expand your Clients

  • Target and segmentation strategy and definition

  • Value proposition and marketing messaging

  • Lead generation strategies and implementation

  • Sales processes, organizational structure and controls

  • Accelerate opportunities through the pipeline

  • Client development training

    • Consultative Selling/Sales Effectiveness

    • Key Account Management

    • Strategic Account Selling

    • Data-driven Actionable Insights

  • Interim sales management

Acquire, Retain and Develop your Talent

  • Position profiles

  • Hiring process

  • Compensation, recognition and rewards

  • Onboarding

  • Talent development

    • ​Supervisor training

    • Management training

    • Leadership development

    • Executive coaching

  • Succession planning

  • Client engagement strategy


Butler Street is relentless about operational excellence.  We combine the best of diagnostic consulting with executive and operations experience to deliver customized training for your specific company culture.  As consultants, we work hard to understand the causes of gaps in desired performance.  Our proprietary Knowledge Team brings solutions developed in concert with your key stakeholders.  Our three decades of operational expertise has proven that minimizing variation in any process will inevitably improve quality.  Finally, our training is built on a customized system of reinforcing activites complete with a 3-6 month continuous improvement series to ensure our training "sticks."