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Sales Effectiveness for Print Industry  - Comprehensive Course

Become the Only Choice Sales Effectiveness focuses on six key skills: understanding the customer’s operating reality, understanding where your customer is in the buying/decision process, being able to captivate, differentiate, and validate your value, effectively question and actively listen to bring a customer to a need recognition, handle objections using LAER, and planning interactions to use all of these skills to reach your goals.

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SE 100 | Introduction: Sales Effectiveness

In this introduction, you will meet the eLearning instructors, learn the best way to take the course and how to involve leadership in your learning plan.

SE 101 | The Four Cornerstones

Attitude, Personal Accountability, Perseverance and Habit are the cornerstones to every successful individual, team and organization. Learn to recognize how you use these cornerstones in your daily actions and where you can or should make adjustments that will lead to great results.

SE 102 | Advancing Relationships

Ensuring you are adding value to your clients and prospects requires that you stop selling and start listening to understand.  In this module, you will learn the difference between being in your operating reality and being in your client’s operating reality and how to overcome common barriers that make it difficult to advance client or prospect relationships.

SE 103 | The Buying/Decision Process

Everyone goes through a number of stages prior to making a purchase or decision. We call this the buying/decision process. There are five distinct stages to any decision process (as seen through the client’s operating reality) starting with (1) identify need, then (2) investigate options, (3) resolving concerns, (4) purchase/decision, and the final stage is to (5) implement the decision to use the selected option. Understanding how a decision is made is not enough.  You need to be able to add value at each stage of the process. This module covers how to add value at every stage of the decision process.

SE 104 | Planning for Effective Sales Calls

Every time you have contact with a prospect or client, it is an opportunity to create value.  Wouldn’t it go to follow that you would plan these contacts in order to get maximum impact and assure the creation of value? Even all-star teams have a play book.  They don’t simply walk out on the field and wing it – no matter how talented.  Playing football without any clear goal is known as playing catch.  Making sales calls with no clear objective is known as visiting. In this module we share a clear process for preparing for any sales call to achieve your goal and advance the sale.

SE 105 | Communicating Value

A Value Proposition is your business or marketing statement that summarizes why a client or prospect should buy from you  This statement should convince a potential buyer that your particular product or service will add more value or better solve a problem than other similar offerings.  The ideal value proposition is concise and appeals to the buyer’s strongest decision-making drivers.  This course provides a simple to understand, three-part formula for building value propositions that Captivate, Differentiate and Validate your solutions.

SE 106 | Targeted Messaging

The way a client need or problem is perceived is often dependent on where a contact “sits” within their organization. One of the big mistakes that sales people make is failing to put their solution into language that is meaningful to the buyer. The solution may indeed be exactly what the client needs, but by failing to tie it to their operating reality makes it hard for the buyer to see the value. This module shows how to identify the 4 major categories that make up your buyer’s persona so you can target your messages to what likely matters the most to them.

SE 107 | Effective Questioning

Experienced salespeople know that questioning is like peeling an onion. You can suspect a few things about a client and their needs, but, until you engage in a fact-finding conversation, you are really making an educated guess. Understanding how to uncover pain, create gap and get your buyer to identify with your solution takes effective questioning skills. This course explains the 4 types of questions for sales communication using the acronym SIGN. Situation, Insight, Gap, and Needs Solution questions. Master these and your sales will soar!

SE 108 | Overcoming Objections

To be effective in overcoming objections, you must understand that it is merely a request for more information.  An objection means the buyer cares enough about you and the sale to want to explore it with you. They're telling you about a concern they have, in the hopes you'll help them resolve it.   This module addresses the most common objections and gives you a four-step process to overcome every objection and advance the sale.

SE 190 | Tying It All Together

After completing each of the earlier courses covering the six key skills of Sales Effectiveness including Effective Questioning and Overcoming Objections, this module ties together each component in a full sales call plan, reviews key learnings from each section and includes a Final test of Become the Only Choice - Sales Effectiveness.