Net Promoter Score


One question that provides limitless insights - simple to ask, simple to answer.

NPS® is the #1 predictor of future growth. It's the one statistic that gives you a complete picture of how your customers view your company. Achieve profitable growth, identify opportunities, and protect your revenue while uncovering training gaps and building a stronger brand.

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How likely is it that you would recommend [company] to a friend or colleague?
% of Promoters - % of Detractors = Net Promoter Score

According to a recent comprehensive survey conducted by NPS Benchmarks,
customer-centric actions like establishing a NPS program and closing the loop can lead to an increase in retention by 5% and nearly a 3x ROI.

"Butler Street's NPS® program gave us the opportunity to objectively measure and establish a loyalty benchmark - and through focused actions, improve our score by 23% this year. Because of this effort, we are posting industry-leading growth year over year."


  • Increased EBITDA

  • Increased Client Retention

  • Clear Client Risk Assessment

  • Cross-Selling Opportunities

  • Development of Referrals

  • Innovation Opportunities

  • Data/Analytics for Strategic Planning

  • Acquisition Effectiveness