Coaching: Three Things You Need

By Mike Jacoutot, Managing Partner

As I sit with leaders from different industries across companies ranging in size from $13 million to $21 billion, inevitably, the topic of a leader’s role in coaching is always of paramount concern. With the “command and control” management style of the 20th century giving way to the more participative leader of today, talent development through coaching is a top priority for all leaders at all levels of the organization. For the purpose of this blog, there are a couple of leadership fundamentals everyone should buy into, regardless of the business you are in:

  1. Your company is in the customer business, first and foremost

  2. Your revenue and bottom line profits are derived from customer money

  3. You have ONLY two types of employees in your company—both of equal importance

  • Those who serve the customers

  • Those who serve those who serve the customers

Whether a sales leader or a non-sales leader you should be coaching to three things: