My New Year's Resolution

Updated: January 3, 2016

For those of you that read the original blog below and have been following my progress, I am happy to say that I completed working out 365 days in a row and actually achieved 368 days in a row. I will be taking the next three days completely off, before starting a new set of goals. The criteria for a workout was a minimum of 3 miles or 30 minutes cardio (running, elliptical) with optional weight training. During 2015, I achieved the following:

Total miles: 1,571.83

Days: 365

Avg. per day: 4.31

Days weight training: 278

Total days in a row: 368

While there were some tough days in the first 100 (see orginal blog below), I have to say there were much less in the final 265. It truly became a habit and proved to me that age is just a number! I actually posted my strongest month ever in December (144.11 miles) beating October 2000, the month I ran the Columbus Marathon (143 miles).

My sincere thanks to all of you who called and sent emails of support! It really helped make a difference!

MIke Jacoutot

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