Are you an "A" Player?

It is amazing how many times people use the term “A” Players. Everyone wants to hire them and everyone wants them on their team. But what makes up an “A” Player?

When I ask people to define what constitutes an “A” Player, as you can probably imagine, the responses are all over the place. So as we researched the subject, we found a great little quiz by David DeWolf on what makes an “A” Player.

How do you and your team stack up?

Section 1: Prerequisites

  • Are you competent? Do you have the necessary skills, ability, and knowledge to be successful in your role?

  • Are you a quick learner? Do you learn new concepts and quickly apply them?

  • Are you productive? Do you deliver in an efficient manner, minimizing waste and optimizing results?

  • Are you a person of integrity? Do you always speak the truth? Do you have strong character?

  • Are you low maintenance? Do you present solutions for the problems you identify, minimize your non-productive complaining, and give your employer the benefit of the doubt?

  • Are you self-motivated? Do you have an internal drive that fuels you to accomplish great things? Are you willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish your goals?

  • Are you professional? Do you understand and use the appropriate behaviors, manners, dress, quality expectations, etc.… for different business situations?

If you answered yes to all seven of the above questions, and you’re being honest with yourself, then congratulations, you are a “B” player. “B” players have the fundamental skills necessary to be an “A” player.