Increasing Sales Velocity

“We’ll never make our number unless we increase our activity!”

OK, I get that, but is activity the real key performance indicator driving your sales teams to success? Let’s break it down. Here is the basic equation you should use to measure your pipeline effectiveness:

Number of Qualified Opportunities X Value of Opportunities X Win Percentage

Length of Sales Cycle

Perhaps this equation is new to you, but the components driving pipelines have been constant over time. So, here’s the math question:

  • What if you increase each of the top line components by 10% and decrease the bottom line by 10%?

The Answer:

  • You increase your sales velocity by 48%!

So on which of these four components should you direct your efforts?

  1. Increasing the # of opportunities?

  2. Increasing the $ value of opportunities?

  3. Increasing the % win ratio?

  4. Decreasing the length of the sales cycle?