Your Clients are a Walking, Talking Billboard

And you may be horrified with what they are saying...

We have been using as our web conference tool for the last few years. After having a technical difficulty last week, I reached out to them for support. You won’t believe what I was told.

At the time of the call, I had no intention of changing. Sure, I knew there were other (and probably better) solutions in the market. But, with the potential cost of change and possible disruption amidst much higher priority projects, it hadn’t made sense to make a change.

After sharing a single experience with my colleagues at Butler Street, Mike’s response was, “REPLACE THEM!!!! There is no excuse for that level of customer service!”

What would you have done?

Here’s what happened:

I had called to find out why a recording from a meeting that morning did not have audio. The support rep said, “Well you didn’t use it the right way. Nothing I can do for you. There is no way to retrieve it if it wasn’t recorded”.

The rest of the playback was there, just without sound. If I had done something incorrectly (which is possible, but I have been doing exactly the same steps with success previously), that I just wanted to know why so I could prevent it from happening in the future.

After providing him the recording link, he said there was definitely no audio connected and I must not have been dialed into the right meeting. He was incredibly insulting. He then asked if people could hear me in the conference and said, “well if you recorded it correctly it would be there”.

After asking multiple times, he said there was no one else I could speak to… that no one else would be able to retrieve something that doesn’t exist. I was getting more and more frustrated by the second. He was so unhelpful and I told him so. Finally, I threatened to cancel all of our accounts. He said, ‘I don’t know what to tell you, you didn’t do it right”.