Listen! How Many Times Do I Need to Repeat This?

A formula for making learning stick.

I listened to a podcast the other day and the entire time I was thinking how interesting and relevant it was to me and my life. I committed right then to take the action steps that were described by the speaker so that I could have a better, more productive and healthier life. There were 6 things that were recommended.

That night at dinner, I couldn’t wait to tell my family about the podcast! I was hoping for two things – 1., give them a heads up on how I was going to instantly become amazing – like the speaker, and 2. that they might also want to listen to it and join in on this new way of life.

So, I tell them all about the first item on the list – and then the second and then…

…I completely forgot the third and fourth and fifth items. And then I remembered the last item, mostly, I think.

What happened? It wasn’t like I wasn’t listening. And it wasn’t like I wasn’t interested – clearly, I was!

Have you personally experienced something similar?