Uncover What Your Prospects are Hearing With This Exercise

3 Steps to Ensure Your Unique Value is Understood and Heard

What makes you different?

Every day sales people are asked, "What makes you different?"

“We are experienced! We have great people! We deliver great customer service! We are local!”

This, or something like this, is almost always the response we get when we ask this question at the beginning of our sales effectiveness engagements. And, yes, they say it with the exclamation points.

What do you think the receiver of this message is thinking?

A.)“Oh, thank goodness, finally something unique and valuable to me.” or

B.) "Yeah, yeah, yeah, everyone SAYS that, I’m done listening. You are just wasting my time.”

And yet we wonder why we are being commoditized or why are there is so much pressure on our margins.

If you’re the top executive, you are likely crystal clear on how you stand out from your competition. It is also possible that your senior leadership team is easily able to articulate the reasons that your company is better than all the others in your space. But, it’s highly probable that most everyone else in the organization, including those that are supposed to be communicating this every day to your clients, cannot answer the question “what makes you different?” in an effective way and one that mirrors what you would say.

Oh, and this is still the case even if you’ve already spent time and money defining your value propositions and building your website and marketing materials to match. I am sorry to say that, but we’ve seen it over and over again.

So how can you ensure that your teams communicate the meaningful difference that your company delivers?

Here are 3 steps to ensure your unique value is understood and heard: