This blog marks Butler Street’s 242nd weekly blog. That means for 242 consecutive weeks, a new article is written and shared with our audience through a weekly newsletter. That is 242 straight weeks!

It isn’t easy though. The team at Butler Street makes it a priority and we persevere – every single week. Our clients and prospects have reaped the benefits and it all starts with the following mantra:

If we solve our customers’ problems… we’ll solve our own.®

We have learned through experience how to overcome some of the common hurdles with sticking to a content marketing strategy. Even if blogs are part of your current plan, you’re not alone if you have ever thought, “What should I write about?”

At the recent Staffing Industry Analyst’s Executive Forum in Miami, I was speaking with a President/CEO of a company that explained, “I know we should have a blog, but not sure w