Time Flies When You're Having Fun

Today marks the five-year anniversary of Butler Street and you are reading our 260th consecutive Monday Morning blog, each one created with new and original content.

We thank you so much for investing a few minutes of time in us and want you to know that we are tremendously grateful for you and how you've helped us grow!

Five years ago, we had to reinvent ourselves from corporate CEO & COO to owners of a small business start-up. Starting a company from scratch was something we had never done before and required learning so many new things such as the nuances of email marketing, using LinkedIn, Social Selling, Constant Contact, leveraging our website to get our message out, and above all...the consulting/training business.

For the first four months of Butler Street, we had ZERO revenue, yet we remained disciplined to our plan and our focus on the two industries we had the most experience in: staffing & print/digital. And then, three pivotal things happened that changed our company trajectory:

  1. Thanks to our Monday Morning blog, a former executive associate in the Staffing industry reached out to Mary Ann and awarded us our first consulting/training engagement.

  1. Thanks to our Monday Morning blog, a former executive associate in the Print & Digital industry reached out to Mike and awarded us our second consulting/training engagement.

  2. After several reach-outs to share our value proposition, Staffing Industry Analysts offered us the opportunity to speak at the Executive Forum exposing us to well over 100 staffing industry executives.

Time has flown since! We have grown into a consulting company, a training company, a research company and a software company supporting the two industries we set out to focus on. We would like to take this opportunity to share with you how grateful we are for YOU: our clients, our friends, our partners, former associates and Monday Morning blog readers. We LOVE what we do and want to thank you for being a part of it!

Here are some of the reasons we are so grateful: