Are You Outperforming The Market?

With the first half of the year in the rearview mirror, it’s healthy and necessary for an organization to reflect on performance, ensuring the ability to evolve with the changing needs of the market and adjust strategy as required. Now, you may be thinking…”We are hitting our performance goals and seem to be in tune with the direction of our customers. With our economy humming along, and business seemingly moving in a positive direction, any modifications could be inviting a poor future outcome.”

That argument can certainly be made, but knowing that nothing is permanent, what will you do when the economy does in fact turn? What steps can you take to ensure sustainable growth in spite of variables outside of your control?

While most things in business are not binary, we certainly know that it is better to constantly challenge status quo for improved or accelerated results. Companies with whom we work are averaging 4X market growth because we help them focus on continued and balanced improvement in 3 main areas.


Let’s look more deeply at the questions you should be asking yourselves and your teams to ensure alignment with your performance objectives.


  • Have specific parameters around the organizational go-to-market strategy been developed? Determine what industries are best suited to your solutions, and maybe more importantly, the DNA of the best types of customers within each of those industries. Analyze your best current clients and identify what factors make them such a perfect fit. Then make sure your team is creating a target list of prospects that match as closely as possible to that DNA. Ask your sales team to communicate back to you the strategy to ensure they completely understand the requirements.