Accomplish More - Stick To The Plan

A method for saving the one thing we cannot make more of...

That is TIME. We all get 525,600 minutes in a year. No more, no less. For most people, planning doesn’t come naturally and it’s hard to make time to plan. We are all caught in the whirlwind. There are hundreds of emails, conference calls and meetings which creates a tactical, reactive environment, blocking strategic execution and making it difficult to achieve anything new.

In Entrepreneur, Tim Berry, Author and Chairman of Palo Alto Software said, “Planning is about managing resources and priorities in an organized way.” Resources can mean just you and your own time or it can be for a larger group. Priorities can be the client’s priorities, the organization’s priorities or even your own.

We recognize everyone should do it, but so few actually do. It’s a tough cycle to escape. It can be hard. There are things you know and things you don’t know. There are dependencies and sequences. Many things are urgent and many more that are important. Where to start?