Be A Better Coach

They can open doors but just can't seem to close deals.

I just can't seem to motivate my team.

Why can't I sustain revenue growth?

I submitted a proposal and haven't heard from them in a month.

These are just some of the many comments shared with Butler Street over the years by executives, sales and recruiting leaders and field managers.

One of Butler Street's commitments to helping our customers and their leaders address these challenges is the series of original blogs we create each and every week. Did you know that this week marks the 317th STRAIGHT week that the team at Butler Street has produced a unique piece of information? That is every week for more than 6 consecutive years.

The intention in publishing these “advice columns” is to create opportunities for every level of an organization to grow through better coaching and execution. One of my favorite quotes from our founder, Mike Jacoutot, is “We are all the CEO of our own lives and every day we make, or fail to make, decisions that have immediate and far reaching consequences.” This is the essence of working every day to be a better coach of ourselves, our teammates and our reports if we have any.