Communication Isn't A Competition

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

We wait backstage in anticipation. A band of improvisers. House lights fade and the music begins to swell. The electricity builds. It’s show time!

Today's blog is about how improv acting techniques and concepts can improve many facets of your professional life and help you achieve success in your career. I will focus on connecting with others through active listening so our communication feels more collaborative and less competitive.

Improv is active listening on steroids, and it is an essential skill for building relationships with prospects, clients and your team.

Now, you have probably heard of “active listening” but how many of you have practiced how to actively listen to others? Today, we will give you that opportunity and help you grow as a leader, salesperson, recruiter and friend!

Communication can so often feel like a competition. Let me share some common scenarios with you to help shed light on why I say this.

Imagine a friend calls you up and is excited to tell you about a funny meme they saw online. As they are describing the meme, you interrupt them to explain that you have already seen it but thanks for sharing.

Perhaps you are having dinner with some co-workers and one of