• Robert Reid

No One Likes You!

Updated: Apr 17

Yikes! Just reading that headline makes me feel bad for writing it. After all, I just told all of you, my readers, that no one likes you. Not a fun message to deliver, but in prospecting, it is an accurate statement - at least in the early stages of your prospecting efforts.

Think about it. You, a stranger, are reaching out to another stranger, asking them to give you money in exchange for a product or service about which they know little to nothing. Of course, they don't like you!

So, get over it and move on.

Alright, now that we know no one likes us, it is time to win them over.

Over the last handful of weeks, we have shared the following:

  • You must prospect. Prospecting is the oxygen of your sales efforts.

  • Speak their language. Connect with your prospects by speaking a language they not only understand but, more importantly, care about.

  • Share your value. Captivate, differentiate, and validate your value and understand that your customer is always asking, "What's in it for me?" So, tailor your message to answer that question effectively.

Do those things, and you have the best formula to win at this “long game” we call prospecting.

But in the long game, there will always be obstacles. I’m talking hang-ups, objections, nasty email replies, and much more. Remember, no one likes you.

Sales requires psychological stamina, and as a recent participant of one of my sales training sessions said, “A short memory.” Forget about those negative moments, focus on creating value and strive to tap into your prospect’s operating reality so you can offer solutions that will resonate with them.

It takes on average 11.5 touches before a prospect will speak with us. Most salespeople give up after 4. They feel dejected, struggle to navigate the obstacles, and give up. This is because they failed to gain control of the