Give Your Sales Team The Tools They Need

Updated: Feb 1

Power up your best B2B Marketing Channel

B2B Marketing is very different from Consumer Marketing. One of the most important distinctions is that Consumer Marketing's objective is to get an order; B2B Marketing's objective is to build a relationship over time. By building a relationship, when the target prospect enters a buying cycle, they are more likely to think of your company as a top provider and reach out to you for help. B2B Marketers create content designed to get the prospect’s attention and then move them through their buying process (while collecting information.) You experience this model whenever you search for a topic and have to give your email address (or other data) to download a white paper.

B2B Marketers also use various “channels” to deliver their content series to the potential customer. As technology has evolved over the past decade, digital campaigns have become increasingly more persistent, interactive, and measurable – which is why they are so attractive. But if B2B Marketing's primary objective is to build relationships over time, then