Leadership Effectiveness Virtual Training

Weekly Progression

The Four Cornerstones of Success®

Learn the cornerstones to every successful individual, team and organization. Apply these cornerstones to daily actions and identify where adjustments need to be made. 

Impactful Leadership

Learn to see through the eyes of the team to be the leader who influences others to be great leaders and achieve break-through performance. Create a culture of engagement to support a result-focused business strategy. 

Workforce Engagement

Understand the value of the engaged employee and a leader's influence. Use the 4 Bs Engagement Model to identify steps to support employees and create a culture of engagement. 

Recognizing Leadership Styles

Based on the Everything DiSC Workplace® Assessment, you'll recognize the working style preferences in yourself and others and create the ability to minimize conflict, develop strong working relationships, and motivate team members. 

Managing Agreements

Stop the drama and get results by managing agreements instead of personalities. Develop and implement agreements that align with strategy, clearly communicates expectations, and actions if agreement is not met.  Builds trust and open communication.

Coaching to Strategy, Activity, and Skill

Ensure consistency in diagnosing performance gaps and providing effective coaching. Mitigate the effects of low performers and leverage the observable behaviors of high performers.

Time/Priority Management

 Accomplish more with your time, learn when to pass, pause or play and how 15 minutes of planning can save hours in your day. Align your priorities to reach your goals.

Effective Feedback

Handle difficult conversations following the DASH model; a consistent and professional methodology for communicating observed behavior that needs to be corrected. Excel as a coach and drive performance through constructive and positive feedback. 

DASH Coaching Model

Utilizing the DASH Coaching Model, review real-world application, role-play various scenarios, hear coaching scripts and improve your ability to motivate and coach to improve performance.

High-Performance Teams

Winning breeds winning and no one does it alone. Key behaviors that make leaders successful are discussed. Establish proper leadership and cultural habits to achieve a high-performance team.

Tying It All Together

This final module reviews key learnings from each section and puts it all together.