It Is Time To Fight For The Inches

It has been a challenging eight months for all of us in business. What doesn't break us makes us stronger, right?

In Al Pacino’s great halftime speech featured in the movie "Any Given Sunday," he talks about “life is a game of inches. And so is football.” Fighting, clawing, and scrapping for each inch on each play makes the difference in winning or losing. It was the same for me in wrestling.

But this is not about football or wrestling. It is about understanding the concept that sales is also a game of inches. The great salespeople are willing to scrap and scrape for each inch with every opportunity.

The world of sales has changed more in the last eight months than it has in the past 20 years.

Have you kept up with the pace of change? As a leader? As a salesperson?

Can you identify where those inches are, and are you willing to fight for those inches? It might just be easier to hide behind Covid-19.

Here is a partial list of “inches” you need to be willing to fight for in sales once you have that precious client meeting:

Your LinkedIn profile is up to date with a professional picture, company background, descriptors, etc.

You have looked up your client/prospects on LinkedIn and other social media and understand their background, where they went to school, what groups they’ve joined, family, etc.

You have researched common connections and reached out to your connection to help "grease the skids" for you.