• Robert Reid

Are You Mining the Gold in Your Customer Feedback?

A CEO contemplating having a Voice of The Customer survey conducted for his company felt it was not worth the investment and that he already knew how his customers felt.

The CFO had a different opinion. She had previously experienced the benefits of the VOC survey and made the case to move forward.

The CEO was grateful she did. By listening to their current clients, they discovered something that was not being communicated:

The first step to keeping and building the business you have is gathering insight and feedback about your current relationships and overall performance. But you don’t have to go it alone.

Butler Street’s Voice of the Customer survey provides in-depth feedback from your key accounts.

The goal is to build customer loyalty. Customer loyalty equals higher retention which equals higher revenue, and it begins with gathering feedback from your customers but it isn’t the only step. Gathering feedback will help identify strengths and weaknesses in providing an excellent customer experience and is a component of the overall customer experience management process.